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Is That a Party in Your Pocket?

LIVR™ isn’t just another tired social network. It’s an online party at all times… guaranteed. No baby photos. No puppies. Mom isn’t here. Just a global network of similarly buzzed people looking to have a good time. Join the LIVR Life™!

A Biometric Bouncer at the Door

Want access to the best party online? Prove it. Have a drink, connect the breathalyzer attachment, and blow. If you hit the right B.A.C., welcome to LIVR™. The higher your number, the more features are unlocked.

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Bar Hopping Just Got Smarter

This bar is lame. What’s your next move? Just pull up the Hot Spots map and see where the action is. LIVR™ geotags how many users are at what bar… and how buzzed they are. The bigger and darker the circle, the better the party.

What Happens on LIVR Stays on LIVR

It’s 4 AM. You’ve posted uncensored selfies. Flirted with Drunk Dial™. Racked up Truth or Dare points. But you don’t want your boss to see. Just hit the Blackout Button™ and all record of your night is permanently cleared. Relax. Be yourself. Your secret’s safe with LIVR™.

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Meet the team behind Livr

Kyle Addison

Kyle Addison

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Partier

Kyle never wants the party to stop. With LIVR, he figured out a way to bring it with him everywhere he goes. He majored in marketing and minored in beer pong. So he’s fully prepared to take LIVR to the next level.

Avery Platz

Avery Platz

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Code Ninja

Avery turns dreams into reality, one keystroke at a time. He draws from his extensive background in computer science and programming to problem solve when it’s needed most. When the bars are closing at 4 AM, that’s when Avery heads to work.